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How The LifeChoices® Program Works

Michigan’s Premier Continuing Care at Home Program

Statistics show that 90% of seniors would like to stay in their own home as long as possible. However, many seniors struggle with how to balance health, wellness, and home maintenance with their desire to age in place. Our Continuing Care at Home Program, LifeChoices®, is Michigan’s first membership program designed to deliver a range of services and support throughout your lifetime, helping you maintain your independence and remain in your own home. Enjoy the security of knowing services and support needed will be at your fingertips with a simple call.

The LifeChoices® program is designed to help you successfully age in place while protecting your financial assets. It is a membership based program which uniquely combines the features of a long-term care program with a comprehensive, proactive wellness model.


Your Non-Medical Needs:

  • Personal trainer
  • Massage therapy
  • Nutritional support and meal preparation
  • Educational programs
  • Personal life coaching to help you maintain health and wellness

Your Medical Needs:

  • Care not covered by Medicare or private health insurance is covered
  • Care management services
  • Registered nurses, dieticians, therapists and home health aids in your home
  • Skilled nursing care in a facility – should you ever need additional treatment
  • Transportation for medical and outpatient appointments

Your Home Maintenance Needs:

  • Certified Aging in Place safety assessments
  • Handyman services, housekeeping, minor repairs
  • Safety modifications and improvements
  • Special technology installations such as alarm or emergency response systems, and home safety devices including handrails, wheelchair ramps, etc.

Your Financial Needs:

  • Members are protected against unanticipated catastrophic healthcare costs
  • Nursing care, home health aides, and therapy services are all covered
  • In the event that skilled nursing care is required, it is covered at no additional cost to the member


There is nothing more important than being prepared for the rest of your life. Call now to schedule a personal visit with a LifeChoices® representative 734-295-9292 or attend one of our free upcoming events. To join LifeChoices®, there’s a one-time membership fee, with an affordable monthly payment. Discover today how you can enjoy peace of mind and years of carefree living in your own home with the comprehensive care and financial certainty of the LifeChoices® program.


LifeChoices® is a subsidiary of EHM Senior Solutions, one of Michigan oldest and most respected non-profit organizations serving seniors of all faiths and beliefs in Southeastern Michigan since 1879. EHM Senior Solutions is a professionally managed, financially stable organization with deep experience in servicing the care needs of older adults through every stage of life. The primary focus of LifeChoices® is to ensure our members are healthy, active and connected.  We strive to deliver the mission of the non-profit organization of which we are a part in all we do


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